Pertronix Flamethrower III Distributor

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Pertronix Flamethrower III Distributor

Postby Dgc333 » Mon Dec 29, 2014 2:56 pm

My wife gave me the above referenced distributor for Christmas. I keep reading in Mopar Action that the Mallory built Mopar Performance distributors mess up the phasing as advance is added in and I wanted to try something different so I circled it in the Summit Catalog and left it out for the wife and she came through. :)

I installed it today and boy what an improvement. I have always had a very slight stumble coming off idle when going full throttle, always figured it was carb related but it's gone now. The car also pulls harder right up to the Rev limiter (i set it to 6200rpm). Also just feels smoother cruising down the road.

This setup replaced a MSD 6A box and the MP distributor. The MP distributor would never reliably trigger the MSD directly so for the past 20k miles or so I have used the MP electronic ignition module to trigger the points input on the MSD. I have a MSD E-core coil but I may pick up a Pertronix coil. I also had an intermittent tach that I could never trace to the tach adapter or MSD tach output. The tach hooks up to the Pertronix like a typical points or electronic ignition (- side of coil) and my intermittent operation is gone.

This distributor is an all in one unit with just a two wire hookup, one to the + side of the coil and one to the - side with switch 12 to the plus side of the coil, it also has a vacuum advance.

The Flamethrower III is a multi spark module that provides multiple sparks throughout the rpm range. The rev limiter is a potentiometer on the module that is adjustable in 100 rpm increments. I set it up at the kitchen table using a 9v battery to power the module. The advance mechanism is on top ala GM and it comes with springs and stops to adjust it. Much easier than trying to set screw stops under the module plate of the MP dustributor. Again I set it up at the table. The cap and rotor appear to be non HEI GM items, will need to confirm that. The housing is billet aluminum with ball bearings on the shaft.

If you are looking to invest in a distributor I give the Flamethrower III two thumbs up. Also, it's made in the US unlike most MSD stuff that now comes from China. It's also less expensive than the MSD all in one distributor.
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Re: Pertronix Flamethrower III Distributor

Postby moparmike » Wed Dec 31, 2014 9:40 am

Thanks for the write up. I also have the same issue with a stumble when accelerating. I might have to give that a try. I like that it's made in America too, hard to find that these days
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