Experiences with New England Classic Cars?

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Re: Experiences with New England Classic Cars?

Postby bear » Fri Feb 27, 2015 12:01 pm

meangene83 wrote:This is the place...

Met the owner, Greg. Good dude, shop is nice.

Long story short, the person currently doing work for my car is not going to be doing the work anymore. Need to find a new shop to fix my Roadrunner.
Needless to say, I am not a happy camper.

Any new shop recommendations are welcome. Thanks dudes.

Hate to say it but I'm not surprised your looking for someone else to work on your car . When I did research on them they didn't look like a good fit for what you needed .
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Re: Experiences with New England Classic Cars?

Postby 422Stroker » Sat Feb 28, 2015 11:54 am

There's a place in my town Phillips garage, never dealt with them but they advertise working on older cars. http://phillipsautonh.com. Someone may have input on them, thought I'd throw it out there.

Maybe rent shop space from someone here to do the work yourself?

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Re: Experiences with New England Classic Cars?

Postby meangene83 » Sun Mar 01, 2015 12:01 pm

Good news is, after a few visits with GARY from New England Classic Cars... we sealed the deal. Agreed on a great price for him to totally redo ALL the mechanical aspects of the car. To the point where he hands me the keys and I just drive. No messing with broken windows, leaking fuel lines, squeeky breaks. Anything mechanical that needs replacing will either be replaced with my parts, parts from the parts car or totally new parts. Including putting in a temporary engine, removing and installing my forever engine.
We picked up both my cars (orange car and parts car) from the people working on it. Was a bitch but I needed them out of Whitman Shop guys hands.

The story with the first(whitman) guys is a long one. The short of it is, I went out there to see the new shop they moved too.
I walk into a dumpy single bay garage(1st What the F**k moment?), ended up getting a sob story about how the "new shop" was sold 24 hrs before they signed the lease. Ya right... ok(2nd Waht the F**k?).
I was fuming, my cars had ended up at a single bay garage in Grafton. The place was a mess, my cars were in pieces.

I swallowed my anger, and began fiddling with my parts car which is very close to getting it running. Starter was dead. I wanted to jack the car up to try getting under there to give the starter a couple whacks with a hammer.
As I am jacking it up he comes over and starts telling me I can use a Radial tire to slide under the car and lower on to. Starts telling me how the radial tire can hold the weight of the car... I lower the jack slowly (rolling my eyes) playing along, and guess what. The tire didn't hold shit.(3rd What the F**k moment?)
I just keep saying to myself "what the F**k?" Why the hell am I here???!!!

Then he grabs a full poland spring barrel. (The water cooler kind), slides that under the front fender and tells me a story about how "him and his old timer buddies would use these to hold cars up like jack stands.".... Literally I am saying to myself. "what the F**k is he smoking??!!"...I take over at that point and say no to that one. I pack up my shit and hide my anger.

The entire time I was there messing with my car was a very telling experience. That one visit showed me that A. This guy was telling me story after story about why my cars were not being worked on. and B. He had no F**k clue what he was doing. I immediately drove from there to New England Classic Cars and began the process with Gary. Great guy! Talked me off the ledge the entire time, I was ready to ditch both cars - take a loss and start over.

Now Bear, you already mentioned you weren't surprised. I was very surprised at all this jackassery , at the beginning this guy had a nice shop, 3000 Sq. ft, 4 lifts, Nice setup, well spoken, and I could definitely tell he had mechanical experience... I put up with 2 delays giving the guy the benefit of the doubt. Hind sight is twenty twenty, but I know one thing is for certain...
I got out at the exact right time!
This guy came referred to me from a friend, But the more time I spent around him the more my eyes were opened.
he succeeded in only taking apart my fully running Orange roadrunner. It is now in a hundred pieces.

I was 3 months into it and only $2000 out of my pocket to this jackass guy. I knew I didn't want to end up one of those stories you hear where I am 6-8 months into it with 10 grand lost. And no finished car.

I could go on and on about the ridiculousness of this guy, but I will save that for a cruise night when we are shooting the shit. You guys will shake your head with some of the shit I heard and saw... When I saw all the red flags, I immediately acted on them and got the hell out of dodge.

I am now at the right shop! VERY excited!
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Re: Experiences with New England Classic Cars?

Postby 68383 » Sun Mar 01, 2015 12:43 pm


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Re: Experiences with New England Classic Cars?

Postby bear » Tue Mar 03, 2015 11:03 pm

Wow , I just keep saying wow . I'm sorry you had to go thru all that . I wanted to try and give you some sort of heads up and tell you what I thought after I did some research about the place . But it sounded like you were happy with him and I figured maybe I was wrong . What I did was first look the place up on the computer and found out that from what I could see that they were just a repair shop . Not someone that works on these cars for a living . Then I still have a few gear head contacts in Whitman so I asked around and lets just say I didn't get good response's . So with it sounding like you being happy with them how do I tell you to take your car somewhere else without it sounding like I'm trying to steal someone else's job or something ? I'm not like that but you don't know me personally . I'm semi retired but I still work on these cars and trucks by request only in my little two car garage . A lot of people fall for the big shop with lifts and good talking ( what I call ) front men . But let me tell you that when it comes out of my hands that car is running it's best and there's a difference between people that "only" work on "these" cars and ( what I call ) straight mechanics ( general repair ) . Hope you understand and I hope you have a better experience with your new guy . Maybe we'll meet up sometime at one of the cruise's or something .
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Re: Experiences with New England Classic Cars?

Postby meangene83 » Wed Mar 04, 2015 9:27 pm

Bear, I totally get what your sayin man. You did try and have me see certain things in your advice and messages. I always talked myself into this guy, I kept coming back to the personal referral I got. I take that in high regard, I was dead wrong this time.

I have MOST DEFINITELY learned the difference between a repair shop and a Restoration shop.
Mechanics and Mopar Guru's are two different things.


New England Classic Cars called me on Monday at about 4 pm.
They already had my parts car up and running! They only worked on it one day, less than 8 hours.

The Plan is to take the running parts car motor and dump it into my Orange Roadrunner.
That way it is mobile around the shop and driveable if I want to go for a quick drive.

These guys don't F**k around! Let me tell ya, WOW what a difference these guys have been from minute one. No stories, JUST RESULTS.
Let's hope it keeps on keep'n on.
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Re: Experiences with New England Classic Cars?

Postby bear » Wed Mar 04, 2015 10:46 pm

Thanks for understanding and It's great to hear that it finally sounds like your making some progress . Maybe we'll get to see that bad boy this summer ! :mrgreen:
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Re: Experiences with New England Classic Cars?

Postby Sneke_Eyez » Tue Mar 10, 2015 10:49 am

I'm glad they're taking care of you - as I mentioned, I have heard good things.
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Re: Experiences with New England Classic Cars?

Postby hard charger » Thu Mar 12, 2015 3:59 pm

I am just finishing my car now. A 4 year build.

I have come to learn to stop making decisions primarily on price and focus more on getting what I paid for. (or what I expected to get)

it is tough enough to part with the money in the first place but when you don't get the part or the quality you were trying to purchase it stays with you.
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Re: Experiences with New England Classic Cars?

Postby meangene83 » Mon Mar 16, 2015 9:25 pm

Please do not take this the wrong way, but my decisions were not based on money. I wrote in my previous messages these guys came referred by a friend.

I was acting based on a referral, not dollar budget amount.
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